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    Novel – The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage – The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

    Chapter 1325 – The Arrival daughter lock

    “Yes indeed sure. I’ll give Liulian an effective lecture after we restore.” Su Fen have been frightened badly by that eventful night. She wanted to give Liulian a very good section of her mind the moment they have residence. It was so damaging. If anything poor possessed occurred, the rest of Liulian’s life would be damaged.

    “Then you have reached get your men and women to take care of our Liulian.”

    Not extended, there was clearly an tremendous insurance policy coverage and information regarding the profiles of these kinds of princes.


    The audience of these was encompassed by the mass media as they quite simply bought over aeroplane.

    She reluctantly concurred and agreed upon the contract.


    Su Fen searched on and asked Lin Che, “What is taking place along with them? Minor Che, you are genuinely one thing. You’ve switched those obnoxious visitors to be so simple in your direction.”

    “True, in which he has got the hard earned cash. Down the road, all the engine oil plantations would be his.”

    “So you must do their best. The faster you remove the debts, the faster you could be absolutely free.”

    a safety match ignites and burns

    Lin Che mentioned, “But I never imagine Said’s partner has a lot standing, and also the concubines there, on the whole, do not have significantly putting. It’s only simply because the concubine has presented birth to many people sons she has that small directly to articulate, and in addition since her boy may be the Crown Prince. Concerning other concubines, they are certainly not even on increased grounds than visitors.”

    But come to take into account it, she could immediately talk about to Lin Che’s firm being an a.s.sistant. If she identified her probability, perhaps she could become a legend very quickly.

    “Yes, indeed, yes. Definitely sorry concerning this. But this amount of cash should indeed be due, now we have no choice. Ignore the attraction, Sibling Che. Your general can just return slowly in installments. We do not have a selection possibly. It’s not much of a little sum. It’s 300,000 yuan we’re referring to.”

    Lin Che experienced made the necessary arrangements and the very next day, she noticed this news the fact that interviewers already established a date.

    “So handsome and abundant. I wish I possibly could get married to him.”

    “If you desire to become the most effective, you must be willing to suffer the most. In the brand, it is never simple. Even if she’s here for a short while, it’s a fantastic knowledge on her behalf. Perhaps it’ll support her down the road.”

    1325 The Appearance

    Lin Che responded, “It’s not me who’s a little something. It’s me begging persons just for this to always be and it’s only this once. When you arrive and check out me again down the road, I won’t possess any methods.”

    kuro no maou

    “Then you’ve reached obtain your men and women to take better care of our Liulian.”

    To be truthful, Lin Che obtained never partic.i.p.ated in a pleasing get together therefore.

    “The mass media will surely take pics of them for the air port. n.o.body system is permitted into the banquet.”

    Lin Che moved off from there. One time she was property, she provided Yu Minmin a telephone call.

    “Oh indeed, Liulian may become an a.s.sistant the next day?” Su Fen required.

    Lin Che then had a legal contract out and handed it to Wu Liulian. “Liulian, it is possible to come to have a look. This can be your deal. Whatever pay you have in the foreseeable future will probably be attributed to these people.”

    “Yeah, I am just frightened. These days, she identified as me. The next time, she might call my mommy. My mom has been doing very well in M Country and stuff wouldn’t be great if she obtains hara.s.sed by her. Anyway, it’s nothing a lot. Just tell them beforehand. It isn’t easy to get around in this particular sector. We only need to get rid of the believed and it’ll be good.”

    the masqueraders band

    Gu Jingze stood with the aspect and defined to Lin Che, “Their concubines can’t come out and meet folks.”

    “The multimedia will only get pictures of these for the flight terminal. n.o.body system is permitted to the banquet.”

    “True, and then he has got the hard earned cash. Down the road, the many engine oil plantations would be his.”

    Otherwise, there could be a great deal of additional complications.

    Su Fen was fifty percent persuaded and 50 % questionable. She acquired to check these hards.h.i.+playstation? But one truly could not notify.

    “Wu Liulian will go over and document for the next day. Permit her to stick to Cheng Yuantu and discover the chance to blaze her. That can do.”

    The marketing had pics on the princes.

    Wu Liulian requested regretfully, “Can’t I have a minimal personally?”

    “So good looking and rich. I wish I could get married to him.”