We are super excited to unveil our rebranded logo as a part of the ongoing positioning of our brand on the global stage.

Behold the creative masterpiece!

Over the last few months, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are, at our core as a team. Our business has grown and evolved over the years, and it is time for a change.

Our new logo reflects who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic future.

After careful consideration, we chose a new logo that reflects a more modern look and captures our mission to deliver excellent quality and top-notch performance across the services we provide.

Where ‘B’ stands for “Babsomo” and “ C” for “Communications”, the new logo is adorned with artistic, simple and sophisticated looking structure with a gradient of Purple, Blue, White and Black colors, giving it a zingy look. Taking this approach of re-branding to bring the design more in line with the aesthetics and portray flexibility.

Proud as we are of our rich history and deep roots, we retain the logo’s core color ‘purple’ which indicates creativity, dignity and royalty while the other used colors indicates our credibility, reliability and capability which identifies some of our core-values.

In the spirit of rebranding, we will continue to commit to our customers and provide the same, or better, level of professionalism you have experienced and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal customers and business partners for your trust and friendship in business.

We would be updating all our logo flags’ i.e. Letter head, Business cards, etc with the new logo. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed.

With this, we aim to present ourselves better and cater you with better services in times to come.

Our new logo reflects who we are today and symbolizes our dynamic future.

Tosin Adebayo

For Babsomo Communications


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