Human society has come a long way from the early days of crude improvisation in a bid to achieve tasks that pinged on the continuance of the human race. There has been giant strides taken in science, medicine, commerce, governance, and other areas of human activities thanks to the rapid advancement in technology.

Truly, the impact of technology is not only far reaching for the human society but it has become the foundation on which the future of human existence depends. In the midst of this revolution is Artificial Intelligence also referred to as AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

It will be tempting to just say that Artificial Intelligence is intelligence that is artificial, simple and short. But there is a lot to know about AI, and its not just crafted in simple semantic. We can see Artificial Intelligence as machine intelligence, in fact AI is used to describe a category of computer algorithms which when in operation functions intelligently like what is seen in humans.

Artificial Intelligence in the the business sphere is not a new thing as huge corporations like IBM, Amazon, Oracle. Toyota, and others having seen its usefulness are investing more in the technology, the wider usage of AI is what really makes for exciting times in the corporate world. The complexity and diversity of human behaviour coupled with an attempt to reach people in a unique and personal way makes AI a desirable tool for organization to deploy.

Artificial Intelligence in marketing deals with predicting customer’s action through available data with the aim of offering a better overall customer experience.

Indeed customer insight is a whole world of intricate analytic that requires large amount of data processing best done through computing.

So as the world move forward in technological advancement, it is expected that Artificial Intelligence will play more prominent role in human activities. It is really not so much about hard work anymore but smart work, and organizations seeking efficiency, productivity, and profitability are taking solace in the capabilities of AI. Here are some of the things you need to know about AI and how it affects marketing.

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  • Personalizing user experience

In marketing and also every area of human endeavor, people want to be treated as special, just as individual DNA is unique to an individual that is how we also expect our experiences to be personal to us as humans. Artificial Intelligence offers the possibility to make this happen. Through AI, marketers are able to personalize messages, offers, etc to customers giving them a sense of personal recognition. This days, with the activation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in AI, marketers are able to give more precise user experience to customers.

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  • Improving brand loyalty program

AI is at the centre of extensive data capturing and analysis and giving the inter-connectivity of customers across various digital communication platforms, AI is a much needed tool to help capture and process vital customer information for effective marketing decision making. One of such areas is loyalty programs by brands. Brands can track and trace their customers in real time to enrich their loyalty programs and achieve better results. Through AI insight to customer behaviour, frauds in such loyalty programs can be minimized or totally eliminated.

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  • Creating More Relatable Consumer Contents

Brands are investing more in content creation now as this has become an indispensable tool to reach customers. Artificial Intelligence is being deployed by brands to help analyse performance reports and other marketing related data with a view at creating contents relevant to the brand’s customers. Such contents can be in the form of reports, blogposts, social media posts, email marketing contents that will make the best impact on the customers.

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  • The rise of AI targeted marketing

Advertising has not been easier, more fun, and rewarding with AI at hand to help. Today, marketers can execute programmatic advertising in targeted ads. Consumer search behavior and demographics are analyzed and used to buy ad spaces by Artificial Intelligence. The trick is to match the right ad with the right audience as instant campaign optimization is achieved by continuous analysis of visitors’ visits to a particular site and ad propositions specific to the visitor are presented in milliseconds.

Programmatic advertising does not just end with advertising offer to customers, but it also entails a continuous evaluation of the response of customers to the ad message, gathering valuable data to enable refinement and further targeting.

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  • Marketing Lead generation efficiency

When it comes to marketing, lead generation is one area that marketers pay much attention to since this often result in customer conversion. Artificial Intelligence gives marketers the advantage of improving lead generation and validation. This is done through data sorting and analysis to determine possibility of success exploring a particular lead.

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  • Redefining customer interaction through smart chatbots

Customer communication is most effective when it is taking place real time hence the rise of chatbots as an essential tool in a company’s communication process. However, most organization today are improving on this tool to be more responsive and resourceful rather than just having their chatbots as a set of pre-programmed options that customers explore until there are no more options to explore before transferring to a human agent. With AI, chatbots  are getting more interactive and helpful in accessing customer’s needs and queries, and proffering solutions to same.

A case in point is Shelly, the chatbot deployed by Shell. Shelly improve efficiency and time management by helping customers what kind of enhancements will best suite their vehicles.

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  • Gaining insight into consumer sentiment

At the very heart of marketing is customer satisfaction. There is an age-old marketing saying that “customer is king”. Consumers express their sentiments and feeling about products and services in different online communities and with the help of Artificial Intelligence, these vastly scattered data can be collated and analyzed for better product and marketing decision. Gaining insight to helps improve both communication process and the message itself. Such insights can also be helpful in adjusting product offering or designing future offerings.

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  • ‍Predictive and preemptive advantage

AI is giving marketer greater advantage in pre-emptive action when it comes to relating with customers through predictive analytics. Data analysis not only help give insight to consumer behavior but also insight to possible behavior direction which then becomes a viable tool in effectively meeting customers needs. Customer targeting, product enhancement and modification, and a host of other marketing activities become more effective when you know what the way the customers will likely behave or react.

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  • Virtual reality is getting real

The impact of Artificial Intelligence will be seen and felt more in the coming years through the metaverse. Augmented Reality powered by AI is getting more attention as the world seek greater ease of doing things.

Customer can shop for goods and customize to their tastes thus giving them a satisfactory shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. With companies like Alibaba deploying this type of technology in the area of fashion in one of its outlets in HongKong, its only a matter of time before this technology becomes commonplace in commerce.

Final Thoughts

Indeed Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing to full impact human society. Some of the AI tools already in use includes Acquisio Turing, Bramework, HubSpot, Pattern89, Cortex, Google Cloud AI, Conversica.

Many major brands like Toyota, BMW, Amazon, Nike, Vodafone, and others are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence technology as the RoI is massive for these brands. Future outlooks dictates that the time is now for progressive thinking organizations to also look inward and see how the application Artificial Intelligence technology can boost productivity and ultimately profitability in the long run.

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